Our Team

Meet our Team:

Yann W. Tanoé – Lead author and Founder.

Yann W. Tanoé is an Author, Publisher and Activist. Founder of SunBird Journal Publishing. Yann’s vision is to create empowering literature and publications that add value to their reader’s perspective of the world. He lives Suffolk, England. Contact for anything to do with partnerships , collaborations and events at: sunbirdjournalpublishing@gmail.com

Antoinette Hewitt – Editor.

Antoinette has a BA Hons Degree in Art History and Literature and a PGCE in ITT. Reading extensively for university, she continues to do so. Antoinette has a strong interest in travel and literature and enjoys helping other develop their talents and skills. She is the lead editor at SunBird Journal Publishing. Contact her for any information to do with publishing on: editorsunbirdjpublishing@gmail.com

Kusmin JKP – Publishing House Technician. Manager of Publishing House formatting and KDP.

Fatimah Behin – Publishing house Editor and Freelance Writer.

Peter Wood_ Reviewer and Critic.

Emenike La – Publishing Consultant.
Emenike is the owner of Water Oracle publishing, an American publishing house which offers a wide variety of spiritual books and Afro-centric literature. His expertise as a publishing consultant has been a truly valuable asset. He has been a not only an editor but a consultant that is helping shape SunBird Journal Publishing.