A Thousand Stops Home

Author’s note
I have always written because I have always felt the only way to make sense of my intense feelings was putting them onto paper. The experiences that have been placed in my path, the people that came in and out of my life have taught me the best yet painful lessons about love.

Why write about feelings and give them such importance? Because to me they represent our human condition and are the source of our well being. Besides, I don’t know what else to write about. Why not write about love? it is the highest energy that everything is permeated from.

Why a thousand stops home? Because I believe that love is an eternal journey. The use of the word ‘thousand’ in the book’s title echoes just that. We meet people, experiences and lessons that represent the ‘thousand stops in our journey to love. We have all stopped, paused, restarted many times on our journey to love.

The vision that created ‘A Thousand Stops Home’ is a woman’s whole inner world encompassing love, spiritual growth and self empowerment. A story needing to be given a voice.

We will go through life trying to understand love and in the process trying to understand ourselves. We will have plenty of stops and discoveries along the way, but one thing is sure, love will be walking besides us. Love found us. Or made us. This I know.

A Thousand Stops Home will be released in Autumn 2019.