Charlotte Gush

Charlotte is a Medicine woman of Celtic decent who is initiated in various shamanic and land-based traditions. She is a spiritual mentor, ceremonial facilitator, earth worker, mother and writer.

Charlotte believes that we all carry a certain medicine within ourselves, a unique salve, that through a strong connection with nature, sacred ceremony & courageous introspection may be brought forward. These innate gifts bring peace to daily life and can be shared in a world that is in much need of soothing and healing.

For Charlotte, writing is like a therapy, a place to gain clarity and a place to record and translate felt experiences into words. She now publicly shares her words and personal experiences of this way of life so that others on a winding spiritual road my gain support, comfort or perhaps even insight for what is often a very individualised and solitary path.

Charlotte’s writing is primarily to encourage those who are searching for peace, their path or their medicine, to know that it does still exist within when we stop, reconnect with the healing power of nature and listen deeply, as our own sacred witness, to the hearts pure voice.


Charlotte Gush