Beautiful Bones

Broken and betrayed, Annaya, a once high-spirited Inuit girl, becomes trapped in a frozen and lonely world.

Tormented by her past, she becomes a mere shell of who she once was. Her heart longed for peace; her body longed to be held, can a wound this deep truly ever really be healed?

Thirsty for life, an unlikely friendship is formed with a larger-than-life woman who shares a similar story, Divine or malign; misery loves company.

His heart was as cold as the sea, his eyes as dark as the sunless skies above, could this rebellious stranger cause chaos for the community for ‘The People of the Sun’?

Set in the ancient, glacial fjords of Labrador, this enchanting tale follows one girls’ journey from shame to womanhood. When life reduces you to the bare bones of who you are, what will it take to make your heart beat again?