Our Catalogue

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All our books are available on Amazon, our current catalogue for the first half of 2019 includes the following books:


Book: Good Morning Atlantic

Author: Yann W. Tanoé

Genre: Poetic Novella, Africa, migration

TBP: Feb 2019

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Book: Freedom of The Soul

Author: Natasha Price

Genre: Self help, new age, energy therapy

TBP: March 2019

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Book: A Thousand Stops Home

Author: Concetta Gallotta

Genre: Poetry, Romance

TBP: May 2019

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Publication: Grey Areas Journal 3rd Edition

Authors: Yann W. Tanoé, John Watts, Ama Maher, Kerrie Masters, Aisha Khalaf, Omar Sagripanti, Shahin Heshmatifar, Sandra Hayes.

Genre: Journal / Magazine

TBP: November 2018

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