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A Life Journal

Every book ever written is a life journal, a chronicle of creativity, individuality and human experience. A tribute to imagination and art.

Yann W. Tanoé

Founder of SunBird Journal Publishing.

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About our Publishing House


SunBird Journal Publishing is an Independent Publishing House created by Author Yann W. Tanoé in 2017 as one of the 5 branded businesses that formed his previous company SunBird Enterprises.

SunBird Journal Publishing was created to gather and unite like minded writers and use their voices to make an impact, as a structure, we see ourselves as a publishing community, a publishing ‘family’ that is open and welcomes all perspectives regardless of race, colour, sexuality, gender, nationality…we even welcome you if you write in a different language!

Our aim is to promote the diversity of voices which have been shaped by this world in transition. Our mission is to feature the best of multicultural, afrocentric, spiritual, self help and motivational literature. We are a publishing house created to feed your intellect and awaken your consciousness. We absolutely LOVE what we do and most importantly how we do it!


Our literature/ publications sharpen your vision of our current world. If you seek knowledge and upliftment, we guarantee that our literature will lead you to the specific nugget of knowledge that you are seeking. SunBird Journal Publishing books/ publications will empower you to take action and evolve towards the better ‘you’. We celebrate and enrich YOUR human experience.

As a Publishing House, we specialise in publishing a variery of genres of books/ publications such as:

  • Novels
  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Novellas
  • Self Help
  • Fiction/ non fiction
  • Magazines / Journals
  • Research / Educational Manuals / Essays.


You do not have to join us as an Author, you can join us as a contributor to take part in our thought provoking, interactive quarterly publications such as our acclaimed Grey Areas Journal. Or contribute short stories for ‘A World of our Own’, our bi-annual short story publication.


A Grass Roots Publishing House


As a publishing house, our goals is not only to promote our literature but to build, promote our authors and their perspectives. Our grass roots approach to publishing allows us the privilege that few publishing houses can afford, which is to give our author the coaching and empowerment to express their stories. We prioritise the author’s creativity and allow them to lead the way! Our aim is to support our authors to represent themselves in the best way possible.

Regardless of whether you have just thought of writing a book or have a life changing story that was never told. We will give your thoughts the structure needed to turn them into a book. This grass roots approach ensures that every SunBird book that you pick up and read will undoutedly touch your soul to the core and add to your perspective.

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At SunBird Journal Publishing, our books and publications are an empowering voice that generates inner action. We celebrate and enrich YOUR human experience.


Check out our catalogue area where some of our literature is currently available.