Grey Areas Journal

What is Grey Areas?

Grey Areas is a Sunbird Journal Publishing Journal platform created to feature and celebrate globalist, critical and informative perspectives. Grey Areas is about people. It is about people of all walks of lifes, ethnicities and cultures. It is a platform created to feature a diversity of enriching perspectives from specialists to professionals to ordinary people.

What is the leading concept?

The leading concept for Grey Areas is about standing in one’s own Grey Area, an area where many subjects, perspectives and topics meet or collide. A place of exchange, knowledge, rehabilitation and growth. Grey Areas as a concept encourages its readers to challenge their beliefs and embrace a new empowering perspective in order to connect with the world around them. We encourage authenticity of expression and even controversial points of view to be respectfully shared.

Why was Grey Areas created?

We believe in the power of perspectives and in their ability to teach us the most important lessons of life, not only about others but about ourselves. Grey Areas as a concept valorises the point of views of its contributors as a teaching tool that adds value to the perspective of its readers. In a world where we all want to be heard and are disagreeing with each other on a wider scale, we cannot seem to see eye to eye because we are too preoccupied or rather tunnel visioned about what we want. Grey Areas attempts to rehabilitate its readers into stepping into someone else’s viewpoint – it seeks not only to inform but educate. It is a connecting tool ‘connecting’ readers to what ‘makes’ someone else up (their perspective).

Who is our target audience?

Grey Areas is topically diverse, a diversity reflected in its target audience. We target academics, professionals, all genders, readers interested in a wide range of subjects such as politics, activism, genders, entrepreneurship, art, spirituality and many more. We target the intellectual ‘explorers’ of this world.

What genre is the Journal?

Grey Areas is eclectic in nature though our first 2 issues were miscellaneous in genre, issues that followed have been more topical and loosely based around current and trending ‘hot topics’. That being said, The Journal has been created to reflect a diversity of contributors and so we feature an array of different subjects.

How can I submit my article?

Grey Areas is happy to take submissions from contributors. Just email Antoinette Hewitt our editor at:

Alternatively DM us on Instagram: @greyareasjournal

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