Evoking Belonging

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Where do you come from?
A vexed question that always evokes myriad responses within me…
A febrile shiver, running up and down my spine…A deep belly-rooted rebellion rises …For, I want to know, what you truly mean…Through your question, I want to know…What possibilities open for discovery of my true being…?
Evoking Belonging is a collection of poems crafted in an exploration digging deeper into that vexed question. For how long, I ask myself, will we, the scattered seeds, children of the diaspora, shift uncomfortably within, searching for an answer that illuminates the offering of our whole being.
Beyond the geographical location of our birthplace, our lineage provides anchor, our passages trace a biographical trail, enveloped in your question is the evocation of belonging.
I want to know what that question really means… for both of us, you the person asking and me, the person endlessly navigating inbetween spaces of belonging.
I wanted to come closer to the facets, those hidden, away from full sight. I wanted firm grasp of the threads that weave the cocoon holding my sense of identity, being and belonging.

Origin Stories
In this era of heated debate about migration, the other, the divides, the fragmenting of our social structures, our relationships and connection to mother earth, our origin stories provide anchors in an unfolding new story.
This book is a contribution to ways in which, we can delve into our origin stories, revisit and renew our ancestral bonds, also how, we can shape our future stories.

The Urban Indigene
The Urban Indigene is offered as a trope, a pathway to the myriad possibilities unfurling as we cross the tightropes between individual and community… identity and indigeneity, culture, selfhood and nation building.
It is my hope that by dwelling as the collective Urban Indigene, we can create spaces for transformative healing to the trauma of slave and colonial history, and its ever-unfolding implications for development of our nations. Equally so, for all its roots, routes and passages, our journey, yours and mine, may the Urban Indigene be an enigmatic incantation, one that enlivens an enduring spirit of civic consciousness and participation in the social renewal of we, the sovereign being.
Dianne Regisford