D-Empress Dianne Regisford


D-Empress Dianne Regisford is a multi-sensory, contemporary artiste invested in artistic enquiry, which creates spaces for cultural and poetic acts of encounter. Her artistic practice includes the visual arts (painting, sculpture), poetry and performance, and pivots around ideas of voice, participation and representation of women in the African-Caribbean diaspora.


Inspired by cultural and spiritual systems of Africa and her diaspora, D’Empress’s creations ‘churn the soul soil of identity, heritage, mythology and humanity, excavating narratives as pathways to social renewal’. She works with the socio-cultural fabric of diaspora voice, (re)constructed identity and sense of place in urban spaces, and is also particularly interested in the experiences of African feminist perspectives of gender, sexuality and sensuality. Working in fluid forms created through the cultural imaginary, D-Empress’ works weave sensory narratives, which evoke, tie and sometimes knot threads of the cultured, the indigenous and the contemporary in the social fabric of urban spaces across the African-Caribbean diaspora. Watch out for her SunBird Journal Publishing Release ‘Evoking Belonging‘ in Summer of 2019. She lives in Oxford, UK.

Find Dianne:

Instagram: @d_empressevoke

Linked in: /dianneregisford