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Meet our brilliant author Natasha Price


We are proud to introduce Natasha price, our Energy Therapist and Author who will be publishing her first self help book,Freedom of the Soul on the 19th of Feb. In the meantime have a read of her informative article below that will give you an insight into her up and coming work.


5 ways to connect to your Soul Energy

When I first started out on my spiritual path some 15 years again, I really didn’t understand what people meant when they talked about your Soul. I imagined an actual organ, a bit like your heart or liver, sitting in the depths of you. So whenever I was asked to connect to or listen to my Soul, I would imagine this ‘organ’ slightly glowing inside of me. After lots of adventures and experience, I have come to realize that your Soul or your Soul energy as it is sometimes called, is just that, our energy field. As an Energy Health Practitioner I explain all the time to my clients about our energy, and the energy field around us. I ask them to imagine a giant bubble that they can step into, so big that it envelopes them easily. This is your energy field and it is full of information about you. It contains information from all your existences and realities. This sounds a bit weird I know, but it holds the information about past, future and between lives. All the emotions, beliefs and life experiences are there ready to be released, or be reacquainted with. There is no linear time when we are working with Soul energy, and therefore all these points can be connected to including our future lives.
You can quite easily now find Past Life Regression therapists, and Future Life Progression Practitioners who will work with you to take you into the past or future, whatever your intention is. You can also go Between Lives to ascertain what it is that you planned for this lifetime. Having trained in all three, I have found this experience incredibly fascinating and healing and my work has now evolved to connecting to the Soul Continuum, and to offering Soul Continuum Healing.
The Soul Continuum is an extension of past, future and between lives. In much the same way that we will follow the energy within one of those sessions, in order to connect to a lifetime, you can in fact connect to any point on your Soul Continuum throughout time and space. It incorporates all of the experiences that we as energy have had, and as there is no linear time in the Soul Continuum, these are all happening simultaneously. I visualise the Soul Continuum as a giant cobweb hanging in the Universe and every intersection is a pivotal point which we can visit in trance. Just as the cobweb is not a single line, time does not exist in the same way, and we can move around that space depending on our focus or intention. I am also beginning to believe that it is more complex than this, and that the future parts are possibilities. They appear as snapshots of how our lives can be if we take a series of the most probably decisions. We can also re-frame our past lives, and the energy which is released ripples through the Soul Continuum. I therefore do not believe that our Soul energy is static, but a constantly changing and morphing stream of energy.
I have also found that it is not necessary to relive every detail of a past or future life, but that often just a snapshot is provided. However, the knowing that comes with that is clear and intent, so that the important information that the individual requires in order to release negative beliefs around that life is revealed.
The chakras also sit in the energy field, being centres or vortexes which move the energy around. If they stop moving the energy well then our energy can become clogged with negative emotions and beliefs, and the efficiency of our energy system as a whole starts to decrease. Without the chakras moving the energy to their optimum then our energy can become stagnant, spike or even break. At this point physical symptoms will appear.
So what does all this have to do with Soul energy? Well this is our Soul. There is no separate organ sitting within us. Our Soul energy is that essence of us that continues throughout all our incarnations, through space and time. Our Soul has all the information about us as stated above, and that is your energy field. When we connect to our ‘Soul’ or a ‘Chakra’ we are reading our energy. We are picking up information about us at that point in our energy field, which can include visuals, emotions or just knowing. We can tune into our energy field at this point, or anywhere along our Soul Continuum.
This all sounds a bit strange if you are new to this concept, but it is so important to be conscious of what is going on in our energy field, for our overall well being. If you do develop physical symptoms then I would always recommend that you seek advice from your Doctor. You will probably also look at your nutrition, whether supplements are needed, your stress levels and how much sleep you are getting. So why not look at your energy field as well? This always appears to be missed off the list, but I believe is as equally important. Looking at why the energy is not flowing correctly, at the negative emotions and beliefs that are sitting in our energy field and impeding its flow, is incredibly important.
Of course if this occurs I would recommend that you see an Energy Health Practitioner to assist you. It can be quite difficult to get enough perspective on your own emotions and beliefs, but there are some steps that you can begin to take daily that will help you to get to know your energy field;
1. Make time to connect to your energy on a daily basis, even for just 5 minutes, that you can get to know how it looks and feels. Initially this may seem strange but stick with it. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to fully relax yourself. Make sure you are in a quiet space with plenty of time. Set your intention to connect to one of your chakras Don’t rush it but allow time for any images, colours or information to come to you. What emotions are coming up? Make a note of anything that comes to you in a notebook or journal which you buy specifically for this work.
2. If you have any physical symptoms, ask yourself what was happening in your life when they first started. Had you experienced an accident or traumatic event? Had you lost your job or where you going through a divorce? It might not be as dramatic as that but see if you can remember what was happening in your life, and how you were feeling. This may give you a clue as to the emotions that may be sitting there.
3. If you do isolate an emotion, journal around it. How does it make you feel? Does it affect the way you react towards others? What triggers that emotion to come to the fore? By journaling, and talking this through (you can always find a buddy to do this with), healing will start. As soon as you make the connection then the emotion will begin to release, and healing will occur.
4. Take time to connect to each of your chakras in this way. It may be that you will discover one which is particularly struggling. If so connect to it on a regular basis, clearing it layer by layer.

5. During this process be kind to yourself. Make sure that you eat well, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. Be aware of the emotions that may come to the surface and that these are old emotions. Be aware of them but don’t hold onto them, allow them to be released. It may be that you will experience flu like symptoms, which is just a sign that your energy is shifting and releasing. You may also be aware that something has changed by the reactions you get from others. Maybe someone that usually ignores you, gives you a massive smile and wants to chat. They are recognising on an energetic level the change that you have initiated in you. Journal these little happenings as you will easily forget them, but they are a sign that your energy is clearing.

Freedom of the Soul will be out of the 19th of February.

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Good Morning Atlantic – Out Now!

Good Morning Atlantic is finally here! Author Yann W. Tanoé masterfully tackles the concept of migration as dives into the wealth of poetry and prose that take you on a journey back to Kai’s home. Though we are following Kai’s journey and introspection we are also brought back home in our own way. Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? How much does home mean to you?

Click on the following link to read the book’s press release.

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Good Morning Atlantic Press Release!

Good Morning Atlantic is Yann W. Tanoé’s 2nd book, originally published in 2017, the book’s first success prompted the Author to create a 2nd edition, due for release in Spring 2019. Good Morning Atlantic is Yann W. Tanoé’s 2nd book and explores the themes of migration, displacement and belonging through poetic musings, an empowering narrative with an activist edge that seeks to humanize migrants and their stories. Click on the link below to download Monica Jasper’s (freelance book reviewer) – click on the link below – press release of the book: Good Morning Atlantic press release

Publishing House News!

We are super excited to announce the Authors that will release their material in the next three months. The Publishing House will be very busy in its first quarter! The diversity of books is just tantalizing!

Yann W. Tanoé Kicks us off in January with the re-edition of his second release ‘Good Morning Atlantic’ (PPI 2017), his poetic novella that deals with Kai’s story of migration and displacement.

In February Natasha Price thrills us with her fantastic first self help book ‘Freedom of the Soul’ a guide to energy management and how to remain balanced in life despite all the distractions, pressure and stress.

Concetta Gallotta beautifully follows in March with her first release ‘A Thousand Stops Home’ a poetic memoir exploring heartbreak and love. Amidst this diversity, anyone will be bound to find something for them. And this is just the first quarter, wait and find out what we have in store for you in the 2nd quarter!

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2018 saw the birth of Grey Areas Journal, its success was unprecedented. We were amazed at the interest and readership that we were able to generate. In the same vein SunBird Journal Publishing announces a Grey Areas Podcast, a podcast platform also created to featuring the best of creative and intellectual voices. We will announce the podcasts every two weeks from the 2nd of February. The podcasts will be available on platforms such as Spotify and I Heart radio…stay tuned…it will be brilliant!

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