Kings 2.0 Magazine

Celebrating the millenial high achieving, professional black man.

We are the publication that unites the cream of the crop of black male excellence (British and African diaspora).

Our aim is to add to the narrative and potrayal of the successful black man. We celebrate young millenial black men who are excelling in their fields corporate or entrepreneurial, young men who can be inspirations and role models to others who are in the process of becoming.

It is possible to be young, black, successful and high achieving…let us indulge and celebrate these young men.

In our magazine you will find
Experts in the legal field, financial advisors, bankers, entrepreneurs, Activists, social entrepreneurs, mega salesmen who will share:
Their journeys/ life lessons
Professional tips
Information about their particular industries
Mentoring/ advice
And more…

We also aim to bring the magazine to life through the creation of a virtual instagram hub of all things KINGS 2.0 where readers can meet and connect with the contributor’s work and services. Watch this space!

‘KING 2.0’ is scheduled to be released in November this year. It is the magazine of reference for and about the professional black man. Stay tuned…


If you wish to contribute, here are some guidelines:

We require articles between 1500 – 2000 words.

Subjects for articles are based on your professional expertise, professional parcour or life lessons. We love personal perspectives , informative and inspiring content.

We have a WhatsApp group chat that connects the editors to the columnists in order to keep them updated with the publishing process.

Deadline for first drafts is usually 3/4 weeks after you agree to write. We can obviously discuss it.

Once you have finished your article it will be sent to Antoinette Hewitt our editor who will be in touch with you for necessary edits.

When you are ready to submit your article please attach:
A short bio less than 50 words.

Clear article title
Website/ SM details
A high resolution headshot
And any illustrations to go with your article. We love illustrations so send away.

Any more questions/ queries or submissions…

DM us: @kings2.0magazine
Or email us at

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