Grey Areas Journal 5th Issue Announced!!!

Aaaannddd the 5th edition is announced for the 1st of August. We have a fantastic issue in store for you. This issue explores masculinity and features an all male panel of contributors. Contributors selected especially to bring you a range of opinions, views, perspectives on what seems to have become quite a debated and almost controversial topic.

What does masculinity mean in the 21st century? In 2019 to be precise. Explore this concept through the eyes of different types of men from all walks of life: black, white, younger, older, psychologists, artists, journalists, teachers, religious, non religious, bi-sexual men, straight men, gay men, trans men. What does masculinity mean? Join our panel below to explore. Check out the journal at

Africa Writes Book Fair

The 6th of July sees us exhibiting at Africa Writes, at the British Library in London. Africa Writes is a fantastic literary festival created by the Royal African Society! It is a great platform for networking and we are thrilled to be exhibiting.

For this festival we announce 4 books that will make their ‘unofficial debut’.

1. Freedom of the Soul by Natasha Price

2. Evoking Belonging by Dianne Regisford

3. Quand les proverbes parlent by Marc Kouadio

4. Grey Areas Journal paperback!

Come join us as we celebrate our literature and our evergrowing catalogue!

Multilingual Publishing

2019 sees us widening our appeal and our capacity, we are opening our publishing service to authors who write in their native language…these can be modern foreign languages or traditional African, Asian, South American, Arboriginal Languages.

Our aim as a publishing house is to promote the concept of language and also join the effort to preserve certain languages at risk of dying out by keeping a written record through publishing a book.

It is also a beautiful initiative to encourage exposure to different voices, narratives, intellectual patterns and thinking systems. If you are an author that writes in your native language/ a language other than English and wish to publish…contact us at: sunbirdjournalpublishing for a chat!

Our first Francophone book! ‘Quand les Proverbes Parlent’. Out on Amazon!

We are proud to announce our first Francophone book “Quand les Proverbes Parlent” (When the proverbs speak). A linguistic beauty that explores the linguistic wealth of the Baoulé people of Ivory Coast, West Africa. Our author Marc Kouadio N’Guessan leads us into the magnificence of this philosophic language through proverbs that inspire themselves from nature, the past and the surrounding world.

The speciality of this book lies in the featuring of both written French and the Baoulé language, a West African language that is still quite unknown to the world. This beautiful book is a linguistic contribution to keeping indigenous languages alive! We are very excited! It may just have inspired a linguistic project. Stay tuned!

Handover Festival Writing for social change.

Handover Festival – Panelist for events Where do you stand and writing for social change

Head of Sunbird Journal Publishing Yann W. Tanoé took part in the EU sponsored event ‘The Handover Festival’ that took place on the 11th of May 2019. This was an event in which topics surrounding social activism were deeply explored from different perspectives. This event that was hosted by the National Centre for Writing was a platform in which Yann W. Tanoé shared a stage with Holly Bourne (author of best-selling novel “Am I Normal Yet?” and Mariam Khan author of the book “It’s Not about the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race” in which they discussed issues to do with “social-political climate and the power words have to instigate real change”.

In this event, Yann’s intervention was summarised in a chart (created by artist Rebecca Osborne) about activism where different connections to activism were formed such as, politics, terrorism, intellectual property and more.

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