Publishing House News!

We are super excited to announce the Authors that will release their material in the next three months. The Publishing House will be very busy in its first quarter! The diversity of books is just tantalizing!

Yann W. Tanoé Kicks us off in January with the re-edition of his second release ‘Good Morning Atlantic’ (PPI 2017), his poetic novella that deals with Kai’s story of migration and displacement.

In February Natasha Price thrills us with her fantastic first self help book ‘Freedom of the Soul’ a guide to energy management and how to remain balanced in life despite all the distractions, pressure and stress.

Concetta Gallotta beautifully follows in March with her first release ‘A Thousand Stops Home’ a poetic memoir exploring heartbreak and love. Amidst this diversity, anyone will be bound to find something for them. And this is just the first quarter, wait and find out what we have in store for you in the 2nd quarter!

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